September 7, 2003

Looking towards the fall...Well we are settling into life as a community of five and starting to look toward the adventures this fall will bring us. I truly believe my challenge with homeschooling is not finding opportunities for my kids but rather finding time to stay home while homeschooling, trying to choose the best options is hardest when there are so many available.

This fall it looks like we will be joining two cooperatives, returning to the one we started last year that meets weekly and joining a new one that will meet twice a month and focus on more in depth or meaty teaching. Both are smaller in size and that is the way we like it (one is three families and the other is four) still when you add in siblings we are up in the double digits!

In addition we will be doing a monthly science class at a local nature preserve and a drop in family music class designed to meet the needs of all my kids age groups. Our daughter will begin Irish step dance this fall and both kids still have their sunday school classes to attend. We could be doing something every day of the week if I would let us. However I am trying to limit it to two or three days a week so we have plenty of time at home and I don't want to overschedule the kids.

There are also many programs at our local libraries, museums and organized field trips with our home school support group to fill in the gaps. And I will be beginning a somewhat formal kindergarten curriculum for our daughter - based on classical education philosophy. Both will have a daily bible study and prayer time as part of our school time and I have created some basic lesson plans to keep my two year old engaged and learning.

Our youngest will receive lots of sling time and close time with mom while I help the older ones and I will try to get as much done before she starts crawling and walking around and my attention becomes more divided.

So sit back and read all about our adventures in this new endeavor.


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