September 30, 2003

Letter A Day Reading from the Library... Today we continued with our A Theme and tried to coordinate our reading with the theme. Some of the books we read today are:

Archibald Frisby by Michael Chesworth
Anno's Aesop by Mitsumasa Anno
An Apple Tree Through the Year by Claudia Schnieper
Angelina in the Wings by Katherine Holabird
Alligator Sue by Sharon Doucet
Angelina Ballerina by Katherine Holabird
Dr Suess's ABC

Then we also read several cute nightime stories. While I would recommend Little Sibu (artwork is great and I love orangutans - see Serona's recent post) I would also recommend that you preview it for young children and not read it at night. The story is about a mother helping her child grow up and leave her and prompted questions from my children that led me to believe they were concerned about me pushing them away. Not the best before bed questions and feelings in my opinion.

Tonight at bed we read:

Little Sibu: An Orangutan Tale by Sally Grindley
Little Bird and the Moon Sandwich by Linda Berkowitz
The Napping House by Audrey and Don Wood

Favorites from the day. Rhiannon liked Little Bird and the Moon Sandwich, I think it reminded her of the Little Bear story where he tries to put the moon in a pail to bring home to his mother. Ciaran's favorite tonight was Little Sibu he really liked the organgutans though he was sad about him being far away from his mother. My favorite was definitely Archibald Frisby. Any author who can make science, and the kids who love it, seem so cool deserves an award! My kids want to learn about the planets tomorrow and about fossil digs from that book. I also like the simple way it was drawn and illustrated.

Despite the fact that we have nearly a thousand books in our house and many of them children's (though not nearly the majority) we still seem to live at the public library. Ours has a wonderful hold system which allows me to browse online and reserve books and then have the librarians locate them for me and put them all together on a shelf for me so all I have to do is collect them all at once and pick them up. They even send me an email letting me know when they have all been located for me. It is wonderful, especially since we are at the library with three kids in tow. Still we always manage to browse the children's book section each time before we leave as the kids each get to pick out one or two books each visit and I will never tire of looking at children's books. However, it is wonderful that I need not search and search for all the good books we want to read that we know by title. This system makes my lesson plans so each as I keep open my library page and reserve books as I locate them in my lesson plan (both online and hardcopy resources) and I never have to forget the books I want. The system even has a "later list" for books I want to remember but not reserve yet. Another wonder of technology that I am truly thankful for. So we use our library a lot. I think (blushing) that I have nearly 50 books out or on reserve right now. But our motto is you can never read too much!

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