September 27, 2003

Our family bio... For those of you who don't know us I thought I would give you a brief background on our family. There is Serona (the dad), he is in his late twenties and a computer programmer for a software company. He has two undergrad degrees in Political Science and Philosophy and a graduate degree in Communications, and is also a former debater. His interests are reading, writing (especially fantasy and science fiction), keeping up with current events and politics (especially RIAA and anything Wifi or tech related), blogging (CyberEcology), playing gamecube, anything and everything Star Wars, acting (he does on average two shows a year), and biking (on occasion he bikes the 10+ miles to work) to name a few.

Then there is me, Mother Tenn, also in my late twenties and a Stay at Home Mom. My undergrad studies were in Environmental Politics and I have an MA in Communications with an emphasis on Social Movements and Argumentation. My current interests are in reading (see recent reads), blogging (here and a few others), journaling (I maintain 5 journals actively: a prayer journal and a journal for each of my children, as well as an online journal for Serona and I), vegan cooking (see recent meal plans), research (especially children's health, breastfeeding, parenting and homeschooling), breastfeeding advocacy and support, hiking, biking (when not pregnant or immediately postpartum), yoga, pilates, water aerobics and bible studies (recent studies include "Postmoderism and Apologetics" and "A Woman After God's Own Heart).

Next come the children: Rhiannon, Ciaran, and Sirah. Rhiannon is a precocious 4 year old girl and is starting kindergarten studies this year. She enjoys Irish Step Dancing, being read to (anything and everything), field trips, butterflies, and playing board games (Sorry and Chutes and Ladders are current favorites). She is a performer at heart and always wants to be the center of attention. She loves to talk all day and her vocabulary is very advanced for her age as is her level of comprehension. She is beginning to read and can do simple math with manipulatives. She is VERY excited to do "school stuff" each day and will hound me until we do. Her current favorite books are The Little House on the Prairie series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and anything with princesses.

Next meet Ciaran, our two and a half year old son. Ciaran is an energetic little boy who is full of energy, empathy and artistic and athletic abilities. He loves bike riding, climbing anything and everything and building things. He loves lego's, lincoln logs, his tools and workbench. He is always trying to help clean, cook, or work in the yard, he just wants to be involved and help however he can. He learns in very hands on ways and loves his felt and sandpaper letters. He is also very artistic, loving paint, markers, clay and whatever else he can use creatively. He is always smiling (when he is not throwing a temper tantrum) and has recently really begun carrying on conversations (which are precious). He is a bit confused recently about whether he wants to be a big boy or a little boy.

Then there is Sirah our newborn. She reminds us why we love the baby days and is always willing to provide a much needed cuddle or smile. She spends most of her time snuggled in our arms or in the sling and she is content that way. She also provides great excuses to take a nap or sit down for awhile as we are still in the nurse all the time stage. She will be very familiar with computer sounds as I frequently blog while nursing her. I look forward to seeing what she adds to the mix.

Rounding out our family is our Australian Shepherd Guinness (like the excellent beer). He is a loving, patient and friendly though fiercely protective dog. He loves to run and spend time in the yard. He is learning how to get along in our chaotic and loud household.

We are Christian, environmentalists, social justice advocates, vegans and vegetarians (serona and rhiannon still have some limited dairy), right-leaning, techies, wired, outdoors loving, non tv watching, attachment parenting, extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, crunchy granola, friendly, funny, highly educated, readers, researchers, and usually right. :) So come get to know us and stay awhile. We love having you.

Serona, Tenn, Rhiannon, Ciaran, Sirah and Guinness

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