September 15, 2003

Monday Cooperative : Fall Leaves... In today's cooperative class the kids learned about fall leaves. The teacher read a book about fall leaves and how leaves change color. The children also had two worksheets related to the book she read, one focused on colors and reading comprehension, the other was about words that rhymed in the story. There was also a craft, each child made a fall leaf picture frame with magnets on the back to be used on the fridge. They came out cute and everyone enjoyed themselves. The rest of the time was free play time. This group of kids really seems to enjoy dress up and that tends to be their primary group play.

Last week at this coop, a different teacher taught the kids their colors in Spanish. While this was a review - it had been awhile and it took some time to remember the colors. The children then all played candyland in Spanish. At snack time they had to speak in Spanish (please, thank you, the colors of the snack they wanted). They are also beginning to work on the concept of asking for a translation in Spanish but using the proper Spanish terminology.

The feel of each of our cooperatives is different but I do enjoy them both. One is more formal in teaching and works on more advanced concepts - the other is more playful and unschoolish in its approach. But they are learning at both and enjoying their time there and the relationships they are developing: with their peers, siblings, peers siblings and the mothers. Here is to a good year.


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