September 19, 2003

One tired momma... This morning I am exhausted - I stayed up a bit too late last night and then of course we had a nursing marathon throughout the night. That is okay though I am still getting more sleep than I was when I was pregnant. People didn't believe me that life with a newborn would be more restful for me than pregnancy - well it is so far, even on the long nights! Atleast I don't have to get up for any reason than to change her (I was getting up all the time to go to the bathroom) and I actually don't have insomnia, I am tired and want to and can sleep!

What kept me up late last night was writing, blogging and reading other new and interesting blogs. Normally that would be fine, but then our baby had a restless night (she suffers from mild reflux) and the combination just got to me. I am trying to wake up and would use coffee to help stimulate me but it gives me terrible headaches and I am still suffering from a major hormonal post-partum headache so I shouldn't intensify it at all.

So I may be short on blogging today. Our plan is to let mommy rest a little longer, and then run some errands, have lunch and a nap and then head to our homeschool coop to continue working on our clay pots.


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