September 18, 2003

A trip to the bookstore... As their treat for cleaning up the yard in record time each child got to pick out one of the small 3.50 storybooks (which with our 20% homeschool discount and the buy three get one free special going on were even cheaper) so much better than candy in my mind and their too even!

My son picked out a Thomas the train book and my daughter picked out a book about a flower girl at a wedding. I picked up a book on dinosaurs for them and Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent as a thank you for my midwife. Great read if you haven't read it before.

Then we headed over to another store to pick up a breast pump for the very rare time when I leave my child alone with dad for a whole hour - but he needs to have milk on hand just in case she needs it. I have tried the hand expression technique and though I can do it in a pinch I do find the pumps to be more time effective for my needs (I have a cheap 40 one) and use on occasion.

Now we are trying to get naps (realistically lay in bed time) done early so we can head off to our science class in two hours. Thought I would drop in a note during that time.


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