September 30, 2003

Today in Review... Today was all about informal learning as we went as I was unable to really have much structure being sick and recovering from our special "moment" at the store. But we did manage to read a variety of books related to the letter A, work on our scripture memorization (Proverbs 15:1),added more items to our A "box", pointed out objects we saw during the course of our day that started with A, listened to more of "On the Banks of Plum Creek", discussed the planets and the continents, reviewed the concept of pollination (this time as it applies to apple trees), watched an Irish step dancing movie to encourage Rhia's stepdancing, did several online coloring sheets (African art, the Alamo, an angel, and an alligator), and worked through about a third of Enchanted Learning's interactive English Picture Dictionary: A is for... webpage. An OUTSTANDING resource if you work on one letter of the alphabet at a time as we do here. The kids really like it and the resource offers a wide variety of information geared towards older children but easily adapted to be digestible by my kids.

I love blogging because it helps me realize that even on a day when I feel we haven't accomplished much "schooling" I can look back and realize how much we truly have done and learned in the normal course of our day. You see today I spent a good portion of my day talking on the phone or email doing research on mortgages and the warmest winter coats for kids in Minnesota, we had an "event" in the store and had to run errands. All of this was on top of a day where three out of four of us are sick! So it is encouraging to me to reread what I wrote and realize I really don't have anything to feel guilty about.


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