September 23, 2003

Some highlights from today... Today we rode bikes, collected more fall objects, played hopscotch (the course was drawn by our 4 year old), played with the dog (our faithful Australian Shepherd), traveled to a variety of imaginary worlds, and pretended to be neighbors, kings and queens, shoppers, dogs, and something like a dungeon keeper (not real sure where that one came from). This was all before 10am.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning the house and playing while we cleaned. The kids are very good at incorporating their play into their chores. Our daughter's favorite is the obvious Cinderella link (she loves princesses) and lately they have been quoting lines from the court jester as well (daddy let them watch this movie) "Why walk when you can leap" and then they leap around the house while they clean.

We of course had storytime throughout the day. A few we read today were:

The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
The Mouse, the very ripe strawberry and the hungry bear by Don and Audrey Wood
Aslan - adapted from the Chronicles of Narnia
Cinderella and the Ugly Stepsisters

They had some computer free time today as well and they played Reader Rabbit together for a long time. They also played with our big wooden busy box for a long time, playing tic tac toe together and trying to organize the balls into colors. We had care for little sister time and some free art time with our easel and some scissors and paper.

They played lego's, yahtzee (toy story version), and a memory match game all together with me. We sang songs and our daughter put on a performance of Irish step dancing which nicely doubled as her practice time. We organized some of our homeschool supplies and went back outside to play more.

We had baked apples for dessert and apples for a snack this morning. We kept up with our apple theme for the week and sang "Two Little Apples" . That seems to be all I can recall at the moment. It was a nice laid back catch up day. It was nice to let the kids choose what they wanted to do almost all day long.

I hope by tomorrow that will have figured out their archive problem and the site will be working again. I apologize for anyone trying to use my archives (Blogger assures me they are working on it).


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