February 6, 2004

Afternoon Recap... Taking a minute from making dinner and oatmeal cookies to recap our afternoon. Ciaran went down for a nap and is still napping - Rhiannon and I worked on her more formal learning time. She practiced writing her letters K and Z (her choice) and then her name. Then we reviewed our bible verses for A-E and talked about them. Then we read a chapter from "Ramona the Pest" by Beverely Cleary. Those are long chapters!

Next was science time. Today we did an overview on plants and reviewed the parts of a plant and the parts of a tree. She traced her letters 0-10. We reviewed some Mother Goose rhymes. We finished up with some geography. We talked about directions (North, South, East and West). She had to use her finger on a flat map to move the direction as I said it. Then she said which direction my finger was going as I moved it. We finished the lesson by using a globe and moving North and South of the Equator and East and West from the USA. We reviewed the continents again.

Now we are making dinner and oatmeal cookies while listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. We are learning fractions and reviewing simple math while we bake. Sirah is playing in her boppy on the floor. Rhiannon has used rainbow silk streamers to dance to Vivaldi to entertain Sirah as well. All that is on the agenda for this evening is practicing Irish step dance and reading more books.

Have a great weekend.


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