February 18, 2004

Idaho homeschool legislation... There is an important piece of legislation being evaluated in Idaho - that we should all pay attention to. The bill calls for "comparable coursework" without defining what that means. It would make parents susceptable to a misdemeanant charge if found to not be "comparable."

This is the type of legislation that is most concerning to me. In the name of protecting children from parents who "falsely" claim to be schooling their kids - the put increased regulations on all parents. Serona tried to make light of it (he takes it seriously though) and said so are they going to charge parents because they are teaching their kids "too much" since that certainly won't be comparable either?

The current changes being proposed can be found on the Idaho Senate page under SENATE BILL NO. 1233.

Daryl and Izzy have been following this debate much closer and you should check them out. Also here is a recent news article.

Why should you be concerned if you don't live in Idaho? Because the same issue could soon find itself in your state and we need to be aware of homeschooling legislation as it occurs and learn the means by which to defend our rights to homeschool.


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