February 28, 2004

B week... We are finishing up B week today. Some things we have focused on this week include: bats, balance, baseball, basketball, the color blue, bears (teddy and real ones), baking, Beethoven, Bach, President Bush and Former President Bush, building (especially with blocks), bridges, bugs and backyard exploration.

The weather is finally warming up here (in the 40's) and the kids have been outside more, we even took our first family walk through our new neighborhood last night. Normally we would have been out before now but Sirah is still just 6 months old and I don't like to keep her out in the cold too long.

We had our weekly library visit and got some strange looks. I now wheel in one of those luggage bags with a handle for all our books. It is much easier than trying to carry all the books while holding Sirah and managing the other two. Sometimes I wonder what people think behind those stares of disbelief it appears we are receiving as I fill the bag with book after book). I guess I don't really care because I am doing what is best for our family. But I know it does look crazy sometimes. We really do read them all. I'm going to continue this in another post though.


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