February 12, 2004

Minnesota Update... After spending the past hour or so making 32 phone calls to the members of the House Education Committee for Minnesota it has become apparent that there is an activism in the homeschooling and private schooling community. The aides I spoke with all articulated that there have been a large number of people calling about the bill (against it) and that it was likely to not be heard. Thank you for your activism if you called.

I last spoke with Beth at Committee Chair Barb Sykora's office who assured me that Rep. Sykora has decided to table or not hear the bill! Several other aides I spoke with thought the same was likely. The only different information I heard came from an aide in Rep. Jim Davnie's office who said the bill would be amended substantially if considered. So Hooray - sounds like a good day for Minnesota homeschoolers. Thanks for your support. Of course you can still feel free to call if you want to share your opinions on the issue. Be aware that Rep. Greiling is the author of the bill when you call her office. I was thankful to hear that my local representative was firmly against it - that is always nice to know.


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