February 17, 2004

Politically Incorrect Reading... A college professor has recently published a book by titled A Reader for the Politically Incorrect. He published this in response to history texts such as ReReading America which is commonly used in colleges and touts itself as calling into question foundations held by people such as:

(1) the nuclear family is the only solid basis for society;

(2) education empowers all citizens;

(3) success is solely the product of hard work;

(4) gender roles are biologically rather than culturally determined;

(5) America is a melting pot, where people from different cultures blend together to form a homogeneous whole; and

(6) America is seen throughout the world as a land of liberty and freedom.

Dr. Zilbergeld says he wrote the book because "Students just aren't getting the good stuff anymore."

Personally I have not read either book (yet) but thought it was an interesting subject to bring to your attention. To read more visit Politically Incorrect Reading.


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