February 15, 2004

University of Left Politics... Sadly this is not the name of a new university but rather a description of MANY universities throughout the country. It seems that universities are becoming more and more havens and training camps for left politics. Of course many universities will deny this (though some honest ones are finally admitting it) or claim it is all in the name of diversity. A recent article I read makes several very good points, including this one:

"Should you visit a modern university campus, you will encounter the 'diversity' mantra so mind-numbingly often you will want to scream. What you will not encounter is a kind of diversity that matters most in the academic context: diversity of thought on the most fundamental issues of religion, morality, and politics."

Dr. Feser does a nice job outlining several proposed theories as to why this occurs. I'm not sure I agree with him on many if any. Personally I find his philosopher king and the "survival of the left-est" theory the most appealing.

Having been a Christian independent with both conservative and liberal tendencies (depending on the issue) I certainly experienced first hand this "bias" of higher education. It was not limited to the schools I went to either. Being in the debate community and other intercollegiate activities I was exposed to students and faculty from a wide variety of schools and often found the same phenomenon occurring.

If this subject interests you I recommend Why Are Universities Dominated by the Left?
By Edward Feser. This article provides interesting reading, food for thought and a jumping off point.


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