February 10, 2004

Financial Side of Homeschooling... This morning I was reading an interesting article on the financial costs of homeschooling. The article was pretty fair to show both sides - with this quote:

"It can be as inexpensive as a library card or cost thousands of dollars," homeschooling parent Chelly Bernard said. "The difference is the less you spend the more you're going to work."

I think this parent had an excellent point. You can do homeschooling and it can cost you a lot of money and you can utilize your library and it will be a lot cheaper. It all depends on what you and your family want and need. I do believe that you can often find cheaper alternatives - but often it is more work for us as the parent - and later for the kids themselves.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep track of my resources in one location. I have found the "answer box" aka the internet to be an invaluable resource and it has a wealth of free and good information if you know where to look. I think it is an exciting time to be homeschooling as there are so many resources at our fingertips and the costs are coming down if you are willing to put in a little more work and time.


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