February 17, 2004

Great Animal Resources... We began our "O" week today. Yesterday we focused on president's day all day and had a nice theme day. We had a very slow start to the morning - the kids got to watch their first video in almost two weeks - they watched Milo and Otis that was the only movie they could find with O at the beginning. Then we read several library books on O subjects - including our usual overview sound box book by Jane Belk Moncure. I enjoy doing "sound box" lesson plans around her books. We discussed several other subjects and read and looked at picture books.

We built a race track and a castle out of wood blocks. We had free imaginary playtime and I took turns reading to the kids books of their choosing - will be listed in updated reading list. I sang nursery rhymes to Sirah and played games with her. Rhiannon and Ciaran took turns doing her flashcards with her. Ciaran did 4 puzzle books and some coloring sheets.

During naptime Rhiannon and I did computer work. We worked on Enchanted Learning'sinteractive dictionary and explored several layers into some subjects. Then Rhia wanted to focus on animals and we went searching for real video and audio clips of orangutans, octupi, ocelots, orioles, and otters. We listened to them, watched live video and sent photo postcards to family - she dictated the messages and I typed.

Two great resources for these activities are Creature Features and Jungle Walk. They have a wide selection of animals and activities and my kids really enjoyed it.

Off to afternoon responsibilities.


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