February 6, 2004

Morning at Play... Today has been a morning at play and it has been fun. We went on a safari by reading a book and collecting the animals from around the house that were on the safari. Then we built a train track and a village to go around it and played for awhile. We also took the trains on boats across the floor. Rhiannon and I read a Bob book and a few pages in her current Primary Phonics reader. Ciaran played with his coconut tree leading letters up it.

We went camping and that was a lot of fun. We built a fire with blocks as firewood - made camp food with our wooden food and plastic utensils. We laid all the sleeping bags under Ciaran's cave (which is the space between his bed and the floor - he has the top bunk on the floor and a big play space under it. We slept in the tent and then came out and sat around the campfire singing songs.

We had lunch and the kids played Star Wars while I finished mine. They have quite good imaginations. We went outside and I shoveled off the deck (it amazes me how heavy snow is) while they played in the snow - which is quite high for them - probably a foot and a half, and Sirah took a nap.

Rhiannon is reading to Sirah now and we will be getting ready for quiet time and naptime here. I am fighting off the urge to go back to the used book sale. We should try to get some more formal schooling done this evening. Though we have had many teachable moments so far today.


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