February 5, 2004

vaccines again... New research was published today about a possible link between autism and vaccines. I first found the story on Vancouver Sun. I will reserve judgment until I can read the whole study and find out more details about the research. According to the article:

"In tests on human brain cells, researchers found two natural chemicals -- one compound that stimulates cell growth and also dopamine, which transmits nerve signals -- are both key to a process in the brain called methylation. Methylation helps DNA work properly and is crucial to the normal development of the brain.

The team found thimerosal, ethanol and the metals lead and mercury all interfere with methylation. What's more, thimerosal did so at doses 100 times lower than a child would receive after a single shot with a thimerosal-containing vaccine."

In my mind this should be enough for people to utilize a "precautionary principle" for their children's health.

Serona located the link to the study - it can be found here. Though it is not free - if I find a free copy I will be sure to post it.


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