February 6, 2004

Child Safety... In the wake of recent events - all parents should take time to talk to and practice with their kids some safety guidelines. An excellent article can be found on CNN.

I learned several tips I had never thought of and realized how much more needs to be done then talking about "stranger danger". It is a hard subject to know when and how to approach it, but it needs to be done. One possible way might be for several homeschool families to get together for a safety talk from a local police officer or other expert. Even just helping our own kids learn is essential.

Please take time to read the article and plan out your response for your kids. Some of the tips include

Scream loudly for help, run to another adult, gripping and holding onto that other person. Stuber said this "Velcro technique" forces the other adult to listen and pay attention.

Rotate arms forward quickly and repeatedly making big circles in the air. This windmill technique prevents a larger and stronger assailant from getting a grip on the moving child. Don't just try to pull away because the adult is stronger. Always rotate the arm to break free of the grip if restrained.

If on a bicycle, hug the bicycle tightly, refusing to let go. "If you hold that bike, and do not let go, it's impossible to put you in a car," Stuber said. If a bike is not available, grab a garbage can or a long stick, any large object that prevents entry into a car.

Always scream

The following are some of the suggestions if a child finds themself in a car (though we want to teach them to NOT get near a car) and needs to get out:

Place something inside of the ignition cylinder -- gum, a small button from clothing -- to keep the abductor from driving them to another location. Stuber said that if the car can be stopped or the potential crime can be stopped in the neighborhood, then the crime is going to come to an end.

If locked in a trunk, remove the taillight panel which comes off easily, and disconnect the taillight wires. "Now you increased the odds 50 percent that the police will pull the car over because it has not brake or tail lights," Stuber said, "then they will hear you inside."

The whole article is well written and definately worth the time to read. Click here.

I wish we did not live in a society where this was an issue - but the reality is that we do. Love, teach and protect your children, and pray for them.


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