February 16, 2004

Cost of Kindergarten... An article this morning puts the price tag of some private K-12 programs at more a year than college (approaching IVY league status). It also talks about parents paying 5,000 to have their children coached for the interviews as the entrance process is tight (15 people applying for one seat in some cases).

Don't get me wrong I am all for my kids getting a great education (thus we homeschool) and I can not imagine what the public school system looks like in Manhattan and the Bronx. But at 26,000 a year - wow!

I am just honestly amazed that schools can charge this much for kindergarten. Personally, I was appalled when a top notch Montessori school in our area wanted a little over 3,000 a year for a half day program. I can't even begin to imagine paying 26,000 a year for one! I'm just trying to imagine what I could do as a homeschooling mom with 26,000 a year on to educate my child (and this is per child). I guess I would no longer need a wish list for books!

I know homeschooling isn't for everyone and that parents just want the best for their child - but really how can a school charge 26,000 a year a child for K? The answer - there is clearly demand - as these programs are very hard to get into. All I can say is "my word" and I hope the kids really are getting an excellent education at that price tag. For our family the library, the answer box (aka the computer), and a few good hands-on resources will be just fine.

Read more: Private kindergarten tuition in N.Y. more than $26,000.


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