February 10, 2004

Math Games... I love teaching math through games. We played some of my favorites tonight. The good old reliable Chutes and Ladders is a personal favorite. Tonight when we played we were able to practice counting to 100, number recognition through 100. Directions (north, south, east, west), math concept of vertical and horizontal, addition and subtraction. The game also allows you to talk about natural consequences of good and bad behavior. All this without any reading required makes it a great game. As we play I ask simple questions like "what number are you on", what is blank plus blank and "how many space to x" I also ask which direction we are moving in and if we have gone horizontal, vertical or both. Rhiannon really gets a kick out of it and gets practice application of skills we worked on. She does very well - though 6 and 9 are still confusing as are 31 and 13.

We also played war with dinosaur cards and talked about greater than, less than and equal too. To my amazement she got every one correct. Then we did some addition flash cards. I think that it is great to make math seem fun. Then they don't even realize that they are learning while we do it.


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