February 13, 2004

Dangers of Gifted Kids... Or reason 345 to homeschool. Here is an interesting story that has nothing directly to do with homeschooling. However, when I read it I just couldn't help but think - this is another benefit to homeschooling. Read What can happen to bored gifted students, and then thank yourself that you can offer opportunities and challenges to your gifted students.

Don't get me wrong I don't truly buy the theory that all gifted kids without outlets will turn to violence or depression (personally I think there are a lot of other factors - including parental involvement and example that play a role). While reading the article I kept thinking about Charlotte Mason's point that all children need something to learn, something to love and something to do. I can even see this in my own children (as young as they are) that they only get into trouble really when they are bored or can't think of something to do or involve themselves with. It is an interesting point to consider and yet another reason to be thankful we homeschool.


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