February 18, 2004

NBC's 'Law and Order - Special Victims Unit' and Homeschooling... Being the non-TV watching family we are, a friend let us know about last night's TV show and the negative depiction of homeschoolers. Apparently this episode of Law and Order SVU depicted homeschooling as a potential cover for child abuse and highlighted "lack of regulations" in many states.

Just months after the battle with CBS over similar issues - here we go again. Now I know this is a show and not a news program like CBS was - but still with the lines between entertainment and reality being so fuzzy these days - how many people will walk away believing that as a realistic view of homeschooling families? I hope the answer is not many - however it still can not be tolerated.

Here we go again with the contact info:

The Show via email: LawOrderSVU@nbc.com

Or contact Jeffery Zucker, president of NBC Entertainment through the following means:

Jeffrey Zucker -- NBC Broadcasting - Entertainment
Title: President, NBC Entertainment
Department: Headquarters
E-mail: jeff.zucker@nbc.com
Phone: (818) 840-4444
Address: Viewer Relations, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112-

Care of Citizens Link.

To read more visit HSLDA | NBC's Law and Order SVU Smears Homeschooling.

Let's get those phones ringing again.


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