February 5, 2004

A Day of books... Today was a good day - though I am truly drained as I type this so it will be quick. We began the day with our homeschool group and the kids just got together to play games and have fun. They played with puppets, music instruments, my little pony, read books and mostly played board games together. I could barely tear my kids away from Cranium Cariboo - I think I will be keeping an eye out for that game.

Then we headed to the library for about 2 hours. Rhiannon played computer games most of the time we were there and Ciaran watched her briefly, then read books, played puzzles and made friends with an older boy who he convinced to read him books. Meanwhile I was browsing the new children's section to get a feel for it and get books for next week's lesson. I have decided to get back into the Letter weeks - as we have a lot of fun with them. Rhia's interest in volcanoes and Valentines Day coming up has led me to chose V for next week. So I scoured the shelves for V books in both fiction and non-fiction and left with a pretty good selection and start to our reading for next week.

We headed home for lunch and naps. Then we headed to a used book sale (dangerous place for our family). The kids did really well - Sirah slept and the older two just browsed and were free to put books in my bag (they were 25 cents a book) it was interesting to see what we came home with. We found some gems and the kids picked up a few books I would never have picked up for them and will probably eventually make it to our donation pile - but they got to pick and I was able to browse for the "good" books I wanted. Serona hit the store on the way home from work and all in all we did pretty well.

The kids and I came home and read a few books in the library, then made dinner (pancakes) and got in our PJ's (yes all of at 6 pm) and just piled on the couch and read until 7:30. We simply read and read and then read some more. I think Sirah was finally fed up by the end so we stopped and I put Ciaran and Rhiannon into their beds - each taking two more books into bed with them. It was a good day.

School? Well we learned quite a bit about volcanoes, laughed at Amelia Bedilia, learned we are all special no matter what kind of "wemmick" we are, counted, practiced colors, learned how many books 8 quarters can buy (8), and got good quality family snuggle time on the couch while listening to good stories (ok they were not all great children's literature).

Now I need to go file all our books in our library (which is organized by dewey decimal system - I'm not joking) and probably pick up my current no brainer book "Irish Born" by Nora Roberts. Have a great night.


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