February 7, 2004

Too Many Books... I never believed there could be such a thing. However today I proved that you should not let a homeschooling mother go to a used booksale where you can fill a box for 5.00. Serona was aghast when he saw the librarian wheeling out a cart filled with four boxes of books! We brought them home to the library and weeded through some of our old books and placed our new treasures on the shelves. I was like a little kid - Serona was frightened. In the end I think we came to a better understanding of how to approach used book sales.

I found several real treasures though - including a real nice copy of Dosteokevsky and Hemmingway and many presidential biographies and memoirs for our date night class. I found some Usborne books and several nice poetry and play collections. Serona was less than enthused by the Time Life Ages collection I got. While the material is dated - it is a whole book on each time period such as Renaissance, Greek, Roman, etc. I think they will be an excellent resource (if for nothing else the pictures are great).

It was a nice feeling to go and know that I had a place to store all the books we bought. For those of you who have not yet seen it, here is a picture of our Home library.


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