February 26, 2004

Thoughts from the floor... Sitting on the hall floor of a local grammar school outside the door of a friend’s classroom. She is a teacher of second grade. This friend is taking continuing education classes and asked if she could use Rhiannon as a testing subject. As the test does not collect any personal information about her we agreed. It is a reading readiness exam. It is interesting to listen to how she responds to someone else asking her questions. On some things she is so enthusiastic and excited to answer and on other things she starts asking questions almost like she is avoiding answering the question or wants to answer a different one.

Sometimes when we homeschool I wonder if she is more difficult or easier on me. I am finding right now that she is being much more difficult for our friend than she is for me. Rhiannon truly is a strong willed child and I love working with her. I know that I know how to work with her because I spend so much time with her. It does make me thankful that we are able to spend so much one on one time together, I think she really benefits from that.

Serona made me agree before we let her help out our friend that I would not be upset by whatever the results were. I promised that I would not be and part of me is like I don’t even want to know what she thinks, yet another part of me is curious. Of course we all think our own children are smart so we are to a point biased. I know that no matter what this woman tells me that I am so pleased with Rhiannon. She has done so well and has such a love of learning and I am truly enjoying working with her.

I love that I hear “You know what my mother told me?” and then she proudly shares the information. She refers to me as her teacher and I do love hearing that. I hope that she is always so excited – though I know things will change over time. The natural progression is to just believe everything we are told by our parents, then to start to question it, then to question and disagree with everything only to find ourselves slowly cycle back to recognizing how wise they truly are. I am assuming that the progression is still the same even in homeschooling.

Just some random thoughts that came to me tonight.


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