February 12, 2004

School recap... Yesterday we focused on Valentine's Day. We read a variety of books on the subject including one I would recommend for young children: Valentine's Day by Gail Gibbons (this gives a nice overview). We also made heart shaped valentine's cookies and finished up our Valentines for our friends. For history we studied Christopher Columbus and Magellan's voyages. We recited our poetry and continued listening to Vivaldi. We read about Darth Vader from a storybook on Star Wars and allowed the children to play an educational video game.

Rhiannon read her daily storybooks to Sirah (four bob books and one primary phonics) and then did Einstein flashcards with her. Ciaran and I spent quite a bit of time playing with vehicles and talking about them as we did. Rhiannon and I played Sorry for her mathtime and we discussed volunteering (an excellent book is "A Castle on Viola Street" by DyAnne DiSalvo) and tried to think of ideas of how we could volunteer. Ciaran and I talked about the color violet and played with the letter V on our floor mat.

All in all it was a good day. We had a dr's visit and I had a support group meeting. We had an interesting discussion about our coop we have planned for next fall (we will study one country a month) and a discussion about trying to put together a child safety class for the kids. I came home to discover that Serona had wall mounted our monitor and it is wonderful.

We have a full day planned today of activities.

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