February 2, 2004

All grown Up... It is a weird feeling for Serona and I to deal with, that we are grown-ups. As we approach 30 (which truly doesn't seem like a big deal to us) I look at all we have accomplished so far and realize that so much of it should make me feel older than I do. We have three kids, we have a beautiful house in the suburbs and we drive a minivan. We have a home library, a wireless home network and we've bought appliances. We even bought our first nice furniture and had a friend help us decorate our living room. In some ways I am starting to feel like a grown-up and in other ways I still feel like a college student.

Tonight for our date we went out for pizza and beer. We talked about the Ronald Reagan books we are reading and the presidential biographies we watched this past week (The Kennedy's and Nixon). We talked about politics and life and dreams and education. We talked about the value and sacrifices of homeschooling. We talked about how surrounding our kids in an environment that fosters knowledge and life long learning is paramount. We discussed our love of books and the amazing ways the internet makes homeschooling easier.

I am so thankful that I married my best friend. I'm glad I married a man who values and loves many of the same things I do. I'm glad he has a passion for knowledge and is also a life long learner. I think of the song I Wanna Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler, and I smile knowing Serona is the perfect man for me to grow old and stay young with.


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