February 13, 2004

Daily Rewards... Well I may not have a boss or co-workers telling me "good job" but I find my rewards far greater. Each day my baby Sirah wakes up with the biggest smile to see me and she cooes and kicks her legs with excitement as I pick her up. Ciaran climbs into my lap throughout the day for snuggles, hugs or just to be close. Rhiannon would like nothing better than to sit on my lap and read all day long.

My rewards come in the form of a baby's smile, a preschooler counting to 10, a 4 year old reading books to her younger siblings. My rewards come from Serona saying "great job" and my kids sloppy kisses and warm hugs. My rewards come from the napping baby on my chest and the happy kids still in their pj's. My rewards may seem small to many - but they are the greatest to me.

My ultimate reward will of course come later when I hear the words "well done good and faithful servant" from my Lord. I'm sure over the years the form my rewards take will vary - and yet it will always be the same. Mom - thanks and I love you. Wife - thanks and I'm proud of you and I love you. Someday my kids will be well adjusted adults teaching their own kids (grandkids I can spoil) and hopefully they can find peace in the same kinds of rewards.


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