February 24, 2004

B week... I have pretty limited blogging time this week. We are cruising through B week. So far we have made a good dent in our reading list (see the end of Feb reading list) and have a nice B sound box in progress (current items: banana, bears (teddy, and stuffed brown and black, picture of polar and plastic panda), balls (basketball and brown ball), a blue item and a black item, baby doll, beanbag, block, butterfly, book, bucket, and a few others I am forgetting) we will continue adding to it throughout the week. We have listed to Beethoven and are studying Boticello this week. We are talking about a lot of different animals (bears, badgers, bees, butterflies, bugs, beavers and birds to name a few), we will talk about baseball and basketball. The butterfly puzzle and life cycles and a few books were science time today, we will follow it up tomorrow with stained glass coloring pictures of butterflies. We also did some online painting of butterflies, bears and several great works of art online at Enchanted Learning. The kids really love the online painting and the interactive online dictionary there, I also think they have great coloring pages and fact sheets for older kids and they have a variety of languages available.

Ciaran and I played a lot today - it was nice to have some special time with him (Rhiannon had a dr's appointment and Serona took her) we took advantage of the time and just focused on playing blocks, cars and with his animals. We also wrestled and tickled (which I hardly ever do) and of course we had some special cuddle and reading time together. It was nice. I also spent some time like that with Sirah today singing her nursery rhymes, talking to her and just sitting on floor by her side as she played with her toys. I tried reading to her but she mostly ate the books.

tomorrow we have Ciaran's preschool cooperative on the letter B and then on Thursday we have a field trip centered around the letter B. I need to head off to help the little ones to sleep.


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