February 10, 2004

Geek with a Capital G... That is me. Yes you read it right - I am officially calling myself a geek. Last night for our date Serona and I went monitor shopping as we thought our monitor was going out (now we think it might also be the video card in our computer) and of course he convinced me to look at LCD flat panel monitors. They are nice. So now as I type this I am in our kitchen using our flat panel screen (which will soon be wall mounted above our island) typing on a wireless keyboard which has a built in wireless mouse. Our house has a wireless network to link our two family computers (one in the kitchen and one in the office), Serona's laptop, and our file storage box (in the closet of the office).

We have a robot that vacuums our floors and I do almost all my shopping online (including groceries). We have a home library and a schoolroom. I am amazed at how much God has blessed our family - it is truly amazing to me. Especially when I look back on where we have been and the road we have taken to get here. We are truly thankful for all that we have. I still can't believe that I am the "geekiest" person I know though (and that says a lot since Serona is a computer programmer).


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