February 16, 2004

President's Day Lesson Plan... Today for president's day we spent some time online going through pictures and facts about the president's of the US. Rhiannon already knew who our president and vice-president were, but she enjoyed learning about the others. I just mostly did picture name and dates (knowing she will not retain much of this at this point). A nice site to find this information can be found here. This site has thumbnail pictures of all the presidents and then click through links to a larger photo and a simple fact sheet.

We also spent a good deal of time on the Enchanted Learning. Here you can find a complete text link of president, vice-president and dates of service as well as many activities and crafts to do. We printed out books on Lincoln, Washington and George W Bush as well as coloring pages of the White House and Mt Rushmore. We also talked about memorials - the Washington monument and the Lincoln memorial. You can find much of this material here.

We also took a virtual tour of the white house on the official White House homepage. Rhiannon thought that was really neat. She asked if she could go visit Washington DC and thought it was neat that I have spent time there. I told her when she was older we could go.

Then she asked if she could say a prayer for the president and our government (I kid you not and with no prompting). Here is her prayer:

"Dear Jesus,
Thank you for our president
please give him wisdom
help him to explain the hard things and to be wise
keep him safe.
In Jesus name - Amen"

I must say I am very proud of her and it was very touching to me. She is only 4 years old - and it makes the statements about "the faith of a child" make so much sense. Then she asked me to pray for the president as well.

Some other resources you may want to look into are: White House Kids and Fun Brain Presidential Picture Quiz.


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